Your Kitchen Equipment

7697116540_fda2d841d7_bA chef can only be as good as the equipment in their kitchen. Before beginning your journey to becoming a master chef it is important to fully stock your kitchen with the basics to set yourself up for success. These utensils cover a wide range of functions but can be broken down in to several easy to manage groups: cutting, cooking, commercial microwaves and miscellaneous utensils.

First and foremost a home cook, or chef for that matter, those wishing to advance their cooking abilities need to start off with a great chef’s knife. A sharp comfortable 8 inch blade will do wonders for your prep work. Another knife important for any cook is an excellent pairing knife. This 3 to 4 inch blade looks like the little brother of the chef’s knife, but it is equally useful and far more adept for tasks such as peeling fruit. Some other great tools to add to your cutting arsenal are a garlic press and a grater. Both of these instruments can be used to save any cook a ton of time by removing the tedious work of doing something like chopping up cheese or garlic.

After your kitchen is fully stocked with the above cutting utensils it is important to get some items that will actually help with the cooking! It is important to have two different types of spatulas in your kitchen, both metal and rubber. A metal spatula is irreplaceable when trying to flip delicate items like an omelet as it contours to the shape of the food. Meanwhile this flimsy spatula will do no good when dealing with heavy doughs which is where the rubber spatula really shines. Another tool that you absolutely can not do without is a set of tongs. A trusty set of tongs is a lifesaver when trying to sauté some vegetables in a skillet or cooking a juicy steak on the grill.

Finally there are the little odds and ends that do not quite fit in to a category but are still necessary to keep any kitchen4590230547_8220c72ca2 functioning well. Obviously it would be difficult to create masterpieces in the kitchen without a full set of measuring cups and spoons. Without these you would simply be left guessing how much of each ingredient is needed which could lead to disaster.You deserve to have a good opening day. Every restaurant should have the right supplies there to make sure that that will happen. So look at the options that you have of stores to shop at carefully.

Think about what kind of restaurant supplies that they sell and whether or not that matches up with what you need. Talk with those who own restaurants or who have owned them previously to see what stores and supplies they recommend to you. Do everything that you can to make things go well, and your restaurant should become the success that you are hoping for it to be.Another practical tool needed here is a can opener; attempting to open a can without one has to be one of the most frustrating experiences in the world. The last thing you absolutely can not do without is a corkscrew, because what is good food without a nice bottle of wine.

There you have it, the essential guide to setting up your kitchen. After acquiring the different knives, utensils, and various other tools outlined you will be prepared to tackle any recipe. Before you know it restaurant quality meals will be exiting your kitchen on a daily basis.